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authenticators---who are they?

Do you know where authenticators get their credentials? college? no
the streets? yes. They are generally just people who have collected autographs like you and me. They proclaim to know whether an autograph is real or not and they charge money to tell you! do you think they are accurate? I have heard lots of horror stories from collectors who were told their prized possesion if a fraud--even ones they got in-person. check out for the truth
I just finished reading "Autograph Hell." An Intro and seven chapters of nothing but the truth. Autograph collector, Charles Irion has put together a book that every collector should get his hands on. From the history of collecting to his own experiences, Irion hit it right on the head. What a great, entertaining and educational read! I loved it and can't wait to read his entire "Hell" series. Anyone can see that a lot of work and time went into this book. I would venture to say that Irion puts this much effort into all of his writing.Sincerely, Raymond (avid fan) Cardi