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Illinois Man Collects 43 Years Worth of Celebrity Autographs

Celebrity autographs are big business, bought and sold for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.  An Illinois man started collecting autographs of athletes and movie stars as a kid. And 43 years later, he’s still going strong.

“Hi, I’m Marty Peters. I’m from Coal City, Illinois, and I am an autograph collector. (Marty opens a photo album)  This is what I call my beginning for my autographs. I’ve been a sports nut my whole life. (Marty holds up Bill Melton’s picture)  “This is Bill Melton, 3rd baseman for the Chicago White Sox. This woulda been back in 1971. It was my very first autograph that I ever got.  I have, give or take a few, right around the 30,000 mark. That bin right there I completely forgot I had. You wouldn’t believe what they’re going for on E-bay. My cousin, Rick Roseland, he collected autographs for many years.  He’s 15 years older than me, and at 6 years old he got me started on doing this.”

“I’m Rick Roseland, Coal City, Ilinois, Marty’s cousin.  I…

Ernie Banks-Mr. Cub—whom I had the honor to meet and get a picture with!

I had the pleasure of meeting Hall of Famer Ernie Banks, AKA "Mr. Cub" and getting his autograph.  It was something I will never forget.

RIP Ernie Banks

Ernie Banks' family has announced that the Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer died after suffering a heart attack.

Banks, a two-time National League MVP who spent his entire major league career with the Cubs, died Friday at age 83.
"Let's play two!" the late Ernie Banks was fond of saying. And he'd have happily played three or more games per day if he could.

Nobody represented his city or team more joyously, or more admirably, than Mr. Cub did. Ernie Banks died Friday at age 83, Michael Wilbon writes.

The cause of his death was not announced until Sunday, when family attorney Mark Bogen revealed at a news conference that Banks died from the heart attack just seven days before his 84th birthday.
Banks' wife, Liz Banks, also was in attendance.

"It is certainly a sad day for us," she said. &quo…

Pop Culture: 'Walking Dead' Cast Autographs Among 'Most Dangerous'

Cast members of “The Walking Dead” are among the current and yesteryear celebrities whose autographs offered in the marketplace were frequently forged in 2014, according to the latest “Most Dangerous Autographs” list compiled by PSA/DNA Authentication Services. By JIMMIE TRAMEL 
The next victim of “The Walking Dead” could be you, if you happen to be an autograph chaser.Disclaimer: You don’t have to worry about this if you go to something like Wizard World Tulsa and witness a cast member of the show autographing an item for you. Seeing is believing. Four actors from the popular zombie series appeared at the pop culture convention and signed autographs for a price.

But PSA/DNA, the world’s largest third-party autograph and memorabilia authentification service, indicated Tuesday there’s probably less than a 50/50 chance that celebrity and sports autographs floating around in the marketplace are genuine. Are you buying the real deal? Or are you buying a forgery?
PSA/DNA iss…