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David Copperfield Show

When I was in Las Vegas for a conference, my wife Rose and I attended a David Copperfield show.  It was a great time, and I got my picture taken with him and his autograph. Check out my pictures below 

RIP Bil Keane

You were my favorite cartoonist, and a great guy.  RIP Bil Keane.

What Makes An Autograph Valuable?

What makes an autograph valuable?  Here are six simple questions that determine the overall value of a signed article.

1.Who has signed the item? Obviously, an autograph that is very popular and scarce will hold a high value. John Kennedy will be worth a lot more than Gallagher for example.
2.What was used to sign the item? Ink, Vis and sharpie marker are king. Pencil is almost always of a lesser value.
3.What is the signature on? A signed photo, document or letter is always more valuable than a piece of paper or other odd item. In our opinion, a handwritten letter is usually the most valuable form of an autograph. Why? Besides the obvious name and signature, it may reveal something interesting about the person who wrote it. A signed photo is next and bigger photos are worth more than smaller ones. Cancelled checks are gaining in popularity as they are not likely to be forged.
4.What is the condition of the signature and item? Obviously, any damage to the item or signature will…