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Reader Comment!

I received another great comment from a reader regarding the autograph collecting business. 
"I have been an autograph dealer for 21 years and have been disgusted with third part authenticators and the direction this business is going for many years. "  - Arnie, September 17, 2011
It is comments just like these that  make me happy I wrote Autograph Hell so that I can help expose the people out there looking to scam buyers, and to help prevent readers from losing money.  Autograph Hell is a great resource to autograph collectors everywhere. Order your copy today by clicking HERE.

Great Review

I received a very nice review from a fan and fellow autograph collector who has only just begun to reading Autograph Hell!  I thought I would share with you the excerpt and remind you that if you read Autograph Hell and enjoyed it, I would really appreciate you sharing your review on Amazon.  If you haven't read Autograph Hell yet, what are you waiting for?  Order your copy now!  

Are reliable sources really reliable?  These and other questions raised by readers who’ve collected autographs for years.  Dennis writes…. “Classless authenticators, I suspect, have started a blood-thirsty autograph war between good & the dark side.”  In reply, Charles reminds Dennis of three words by Ronald Regan, “Trust - but verify.”  Autograph Hell is a great resource to collectors everywhere.   - September 15, 2011
Thank you very much Dennis for reaching out and contacting me!  I look forward to reading your review when you've finished Autograph Hell!

Autograph Collecting Tips

Below is an autograph collecting tips article I found from Autograph Source.  It contains some excellent advice, tips and tricks!  If you have anything to add, please do so in the comments!  Have fun collecting! <><><><>
The most important tip that we can give you is to buy from an expert. There is no substitute for years of experience and daily contact with the major players in the industry. The Autograph Source is not the only reputable dealer in the business. Make sure that you find one that you are comfortable with.

The old adage "buy what you know" certainly applies to collectibles as well. You are much more likely to spot upward trends if you know the field that you are collecting. Become your own expert.

Don't buy it unless it makes you smile. There are many pieces out there that will appreciate in value. The best part about collecting is that, unlike a stock that sits in an account, you can enjoy owning the piece.

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