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Have You Become a Collection Hoarder?

Do you ask yourself this question about your autograph collection?  "Should I sell them or not?"  
My thoughts - What is the value of the collectible to YOU? Are you really enjoying the item — or is it just sitting in a box under a pile of junk?
Many collectors wonder... “When should I sell my stuff??” To be honest, I’ve never regretted selling a single item. I don’t miss the item once it’s gone. I’ve owned that item. I’ve enjoyed it for a period of time – and now I can let go of it and move on to the next item.  Remember: There will ALWAYS be another collectible to own. 
Always reevaluate your collection: What do I really want to keep? The truth is many collectors are simply hoarders. They have TOO MUCH stuff laying around their houses or apartments. I understand this mentality.  Selling off your collection, especially when it is very large, is a long, slow, process.  And you know what? I don’t miss a single thing I’ve ever sold. Collectors are constantly redefining th…

Collections Prompt Man to Create Theme Rooms in Home!

The outside of Larry McLendon's home looks normal, but as soon as the door is opened, it's easy to see that this house isn't like any other.
"Every room, including bathrooms, is covered floor to ceiling with autographs and memorabilia," said McLendon.

McLendon has been collecting autographs for about 50 years, but he can still name the first one he ever got.

"My first grade class was assigned to draw a picture of President Eisenhower," McLendon said. "My teacher sent my picture to the White House, and a few weeks later I actually got a note back from President Eisenhower thanking me for the picture. That was my first autograph."

He said he got serious about collecting years later when he got a few more autographs.

"I met Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris in 1961, right before Maris broke Babe Ruth's home run record," McLendon said. "I also met Jack Dempsey, the world heavyweight boxing champion, that year. Since (my family) lived…

Blake Griffin Autograph Card Sold For $38,032

During last year's mesmerizing NBA All-Star Game Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles, Blake Griffin rocked the entire sports world -- to say nothing of an awestruck Staples Center rim -- by soaring over a Kia Optima SX sedan for one of the single greatest slams in hoops history. Courtesy of Panini AmericaThis is the Blake Griffin card that went for more than $38,000. It was one of the many "did that just happen?" highlights of Griffin's inexplicably thunderous debut campaign that provided more-than-adequate support for the staggering prices his top Panini America Rookie Cards fetched during last season's feeding frenzy. But nothing Griffin did last season could prepare us for what his best trading cards are doing this season. And before you go on, you may want to sit down. Earlier this month, a rare Griffin trading card from Panini America's 2009-10 National Treasures product sold for thestaggering sum of $38,032. The aptly named national treasure includes Griffin&…

The Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show - Burbank, CA

The Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show
Saturday & Sunday, February 11 & 12, 2012 at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center 2500 Hollywood Way, in Burbank
Billy Dee Williams ("Star Wars", "Lady Sings the Blues")
Tom Felton ('Draco Malfoy' in the "Harry Potter" films)
Valerie Harper ('Rhoda' on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" & "Rhoda")
Martin Landau ("Mission: Impossible", "Ed Wood")
Shannon Elizabeth ("American Pie")
Davy Jones ("The Monkees")
Paul Michael Glaser & David Soul ("Starsky & Hutch")
Antonio Fargas ('Huggy Bear' from "Starsky & Hutch")
Piper Laurie ("The Hustler", "Carrie", "Twin Peaks")
Natasha Henstridge ("Species")
Don Stark (Donna's dad, 'Bob', on "That '70s Show")
William Katt ("Greatest American Hero", "First Love")
David Lander (&…