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Autograph Hell Author Gets an Autographed Copy of The Social Media Bible

Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible spoke this afternoon to members of Arizona Book Publishing Association (ABPA) including Charles G. Irion, author of Autograph Hell: The Truth About Collecting.

Lon is an innovator and professional speaker with more than a quarter-century of experience in business development and entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, strategic partnering and many other business skills. He holds three patents related to Internet advertising, has invented and patented 18 products, and is author of seven innovative and best-selling books.

Publisher and author of Autograph Hell, Charles G. Irion checks out The Social Media Bible and gets an autographed copy.
Authors Charles G. Irion and Lon Safko.

Washington Autograph Sells for $3.2 Million

On November 9th, 1787 the first president of the United States, George Washington, wrote a letter to his nephew, Bushrod Washington. In the letter Washington laid out a series of arguments in support of adoption of the newly framed Constitution of the United States of America.

Two hundred twenty-two years later, the letter was auctioned at Christie's New York on December 4th, 2009. The sale set a record at $3,200,000 for Washington pieces. This was also one of the highest prices for an American autograph.

George Washington served as commander-in-chief of the American Revolutionary forces from 1775 to the end of the war in 1783. During the war, he struggled constantly to keep his army fed, clothed and armed and was able to succeed. The Articles of Confederation required Congress to regulate military and monetary affairs, but they were not able to force the states into complying with requests for troops or revenue. Because of this, Washington's army nearly starved to de…

FREE Copy of Autograph Hell - OFFER EXPIRED

Irion Books LLC, for a limited time, will be giving away autographed copies of Autograph Hell for FREE! This offer is now EXPIRED.

Autograph Hell: The Truth About Collecting is a book for those who are seeking autographed treasures and anyone willing to trust in the autograph business. Knowledge is power, the world of autograph collecting is filled with forgers, this book will help you discover them before they steal from you.

Follow author, Charles G. Irion, on his trail of truth as he starts at the very beginning of autograph collecting to find a world filled with falsified documents and counterfeit signatures – most of which are "authenticated" by the autograph experts who control this multi-million dollar business. Join Irion as he explores a mind-boggling world of autographs that aren't what they seem, run by people who aren't what they claim.

To learn Irion's discoveries, follow the link below for your FREE autographed copy of Autograph Hell (U.S. addresse…

New Reader Review of Autograph Hell

I always appreciate receiving letters from readers. And it's a great way to start the new year!
Here's the newest customer review for Autograph Hell: The Truth About Collecting
"While I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable and savvy autograph collector, I still learned a great deal from this book, most especially the section on authenticators. I found Mr. Irion’s own story fascinating, as well as the history of collecting and forgers. His writing style is crystal clear, flowing, and extremely entertaining. I would strongly suggest that ANYBODY who has an autograph collection they are contemplating selling, a collector new to the hobby or, most importantly, those who are considering purchasing autographs off the internet to read this book. It will save you a lot of time and heartache. To quote the author 'Knowledge is power'." -- Denis St. Laurent