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Twins Autograph Collection Spans Four Decades

San Bernardino twins share a love for collecting celebrity autographs that span four decades
Twins Karen and Sharon Brawley hold their autograph book, in which they've collected celebrity signatures since they were kids including iconic figures such as David Cassidy, Lucille Ball and George Harrison. (Photo by Rachel Luna / San Bernardino Sun) By Diana Sholley, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Twins Karen and Sharon Brawley collected an autograph from former president Gerald Ford on January 16, 1981, which is one of many iconic celebrity autographs they've collected since they were children. (Photo by Rachel Luna / San Bernardino Sun)  When it comes to celebrities no one can drop more names than twin sisters Karen and Sharon Brawley.

The 57-year-old Brawleys have collected more than 75 autographs from the rich and famous starting in 1970 with David Cassidy.

“We were just 14-year-old bobby-soxers,” said Karen, a San Bernardino resident. …