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Johnny Cash To-Do List Sells For Over $6,000!

Johnny Cash Hand Written To-Do List Sells For $6,400This Johnny Cash handwritten to-do list recently fetched over $6,000 at auction. Check out his hilarious handwritten to-do list!

Secret Index of Collectible Autographs

ASecret Index Autograph Investment Reportpublished byPaul Fraser Collectiblesof Bristol, England, tracks the forty rarest and most investment-worthy autographs in the world. The price of the average autograph from the PFC40 rose 14.84% per year. And, he notes, "The rising trend shows no sign of stopping."

Calling autographs a "mid- to long-term alternative investment that you may not have thought of before," Paul Fraser believes the market for collectibles is gaining strength, and he cites several reasons: 1) baby boomers are "nostalgia investors" who have a lot of wealth; 2) China is a nation of enthusiasts; 3) there are an estimated 200 million collectors in the world, and that is predicted to double in 20 years; 4) leading collectors continue to fight over the best pieces; 5) museums are still actively acquiring; and 6) there is a finite supply and growing demand.

Some of the autograph examples PFC offers in the Secret Index (recently featured onMSN Mo…

America’s Most Historic Signed Beatles Album Being Auctioned October 1

“To ‘Doc Gordon’ Thanks for the Jabs” from George Harrison
Band-Signed “Meet the Beatles” Thanks Doctor Who
Treated Harrison Before Beatles U.S. Debut on Ed Sullivan.

Hidden away in a stack of records for 47 years, the Beatles album marking the most important event in rock and roll history is being auctioned October 1.

The “Meet the Beatles” album was signed by John, Paul, George and Ringo, with a special inscription added by George, the day before America met the Beatles on the “The Ed Sullivan Show,” February 9, 1964.
George’s inscription was a thank you to Dr. Jules Gordon, the house physician at The Plaza Hotel. Dr. Gordon treated Harrison’s 104-degree fever and raw throat that threatened to keep him from joining the Beatles for their historic Sunday American debut. George was so ill that Beatles’ manager Neil Aspinall had to stand in for him for most of Saturday’s rehearsals.

But Dr. Gordon’s shots and vaporizer treatments started working and George was able to join rehea…

James Dean’s Intimate Letters to Girlfriend Coming to Auction

Three James Dean handwritten letters to his girlfriend, never before offered for sale, will be sold at Christie's London November 23, 2011.I've posted the article below from Autograph Magazine.  Take a look! 
James Dean handwritten letters are among the rarest and most valuable of Hollywood autographs. Only a few have come to market since Dean’s tragic death in a 1955 car crash, just 24 years old. So when Neil Roberts, Christie’s Head of Pop Culture in London, asked for any information we might have on them to help him with a potential consignment, I had to know more.

But I had to wait….

“At the moment they are reluctant to send me any copies,” Neil said. “However the names and places they provided seem to add up. I’m sure you will understand that at this time I cannot pass on any details.”

That was a year and a half ago. The wait was worth it.

On November 23, Christie’s will auction three James Dean handwritten letters never before offered for sale during their fall Pop…