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Another picture from my collection!

Here is another photograph from my collection to share with you!  This picture features Raymond Allen "Ray" Liotta.  Born December 18, 1954 Ray Liotta is an actor, best known his portrayal of Henry Hill in the crime-drama Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese and his role as Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams.   He has won an Emmy Award and has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award.  He is also known for starring as the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

George H. W. Bush Autograph

It is that day of the week again, where I share an autographed picture with you from my large collection!  Since we are in the middle of the presidential debates, I thought this picture would be fitting.  Here I am with George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States.

Here is a couple facts about President Bush - George Herbert Walker Bush previously served as the 43rd Vice President of the United States before becoming the president in 1989.  Following the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Bush postponed going to college, enlisted in the US Navy on his 18th birthday, and became the youngest aviator in the Navy at the time.  He served until the end of the war, then attended Yale University.  

Graduating in 1948, he moved his family to west Texas and entered the oil business, becoming a millionaire by the age of 40! 

Do you have any photos with a President?  I would love to see!  Please feel free to share your photos in the comments!

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Meeting Deepak Chopra

I'm sharing another picture today from my autograph collection!  This is when I met Deepak Chopra at one of his book signings.  

Deepak Chopra is an physician and writer.  Chopra has written more than 65 books with 19 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. Chopra has received many awards, including the Humanitarian Starlite Award (2010), and the GOI Peace Award (2010). He is thought by some to be "one of the per-eminent leaders of the mind-body-spirit movement". 

I would love to see pictures from your autograph collection!  Feel free to share in the comments!

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