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Autograph Collectors Beware

Autograph collectors beware of buying authenticated autographs before validating the authenticator. There are some autograph authenticators in the United States who are notorious for authenticating false autographs. Collectors who have bought items from authenticators such as these and have found problems when putting the items up for auction. Buyers who have heard of these specific authenticators refuse to purchase items related to them, fearing it won't be genuine.

Many of the more dubious authenticators are deemed as legitimate by inexperienced buyers because of self promotion. An example of one authenticator in question presents himself is as a "court-approved forensic document examiner" who uses "scientific methods" to authenticate the autographs.

Autograph collectors should be wary of self promoting authenticators, it is important to check references and ask others in the business before choosing an authenticator. Incorrectly choosing an authentica…

Safe Box Alliance, Autograph Collecting

Websites such as Safe Box Alliance, have continued to spring up and legitimize the pastime of autograph collecting and selling. According to the website, Safe Box Alliance is a group of autograph and memorabilia dealers. They joined together to produce a code of conduct of selling autographs and memorabilia.

Specifically, Safe Box Alliance, focuses on boxing memorabilia. The site tries to provide ways for buyers to establish relationships with the dealers. It offers a lifetime money back guarantee in regards to the authenticity of the autograph.

The world of autograph collecting is filled with falsifications, but with the help of websites such as this, the craft can become easier and more reliable.