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Hockey Player Autographs Aunt Jemima Pancakes Box

Pancakes fan Dustin Penner autographed box of Aunt Jemima

Pancakes are the best thing to happen to (a) breakfast and (b) Los Angeles Kings forward Dustin Penner.  Ever since he disclosed that he injured himself while eating a stack of "delicious pancakes" — unintentionally hilarious, given his notorious lack of conditioning — Penner has been a tremendously good sport about it. There was his "open letter" response to the story; his hilarious self-deprecating performance while interviewing his teammates; and now, the autograph above.

From Andrew Lam:
Just thought you might like to see what a box of Aunt Jemima's 'Just add water' box signed by Dustin Penner might look like. My friend got it signed when he was in Calgary Saturday before the game. He was a good sport about it and gave us a chuckle and a "that's nice" to go with it.Pancake Power struck on a Vancouver Canucks game:  Penner scored just his third of the season in the first pe…

Learn to Spot a Pre-Printed Autograph!

Here are a few steps you can take to help recognize a pre-printed autograph.  These tips do require you to have the autograph in your possession.  

1. The signature will appear to be below the surface of the glossy portion of the photo and it will often appear very ‘flat’.

2. To test this, hold the photo at an angle very close to a bright source of light. A real autograph is on surface of the photo and should reflect differently than the rest of the surface. It will be very obvious when it is a legitimate autograph signed on top of the photo. A preprint will blend right in with the surface of the photo because it is actually part of the photo and the glossy reflection will be the same in the background of the photo as well as where the autograph is printed. You may have to move the photo around to get the right angle and notice the difference in reflection but with a little practice you'll become adept at this in no time.

3. Since the autographs a…