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Fraud in Autograph Collecting

Unfortunately, one of the common occurrences in autograph collecting is fraud. Countless collectors are fooled by fraudulent signatures, posing as rock stars, athletes, authors, even the founding fathers. Since the beginning of autograph collecting, con artists have been creating fraudulent pieces.

In the late 1700s, a young man by the name of William Henry Ireland made a fortune from creating fraudulent William Shakespeare signatures, deeds and letters. He even went as far as a falsified "lost play". During his rise to fame, Ireland sold countless "Shakespearian signatures".

The most important part to remember when collecting is to be sure the autograph is authenticated by an expert. Do not buy an autograph with out it being authenticated.

My other piece of advice is: "knowledge is power". Make yourself into an expert, know the product well. From the shape and form of the signature to the type of paper used. Just remember to be cautious, protect yo…

Rare Hemingway Autograph Found in Cuba

A rare autograph from the famous American writer Earnest Hemingway was found on a menu at the El Dragon Bar and Restaurant on the waterfront in Cuba. Scribbled in blue ink, Hemingway signed the menu "A delightful place, Earnest Hemingway". The lucky collector bought the menu from the restaurant for a dollar.

The autograph is valued at $3,000 to $5,000 and will be for sale at the Sixth Annual Fort Worth Postcard and Paper Show. The problem the seller will find at the auction is that the autograph has not been authenticated yet. And as I have stated in Autograph Hell, you might be 110% positive that the signature is real, but if the authenticator doesn't agree then it isn't considered 'real'.

Meaning, as you are traveling this summer, or even in your hometown be on the lookout for these lucky but rare occurrences. Just don't get too excited until it has been authenticated.