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Autograph Quarterly Magazine

Autograph collectors be on the look out! A new tool and capability will soon be available to you. In March 2011, volume 1, issue 1 of a new autograph magazine will be released. The mission of Autograph Quarterly Magazine will be for the love and education of the hobby.

According to the editor, they are currently laying out the look of the magazine. Articles and columns have already been received from Norway, Hungary, England, Germany and India. The first issue will have many interesting stories on:

• Oscar Winners
• Bank Checks
• Muhammad Ali
• Baseball
• Presidential Autographs
• Book Reviews
• Conservation
• Autograph Authentication
• Autograph Auctions.

The editor also plans to include a calendar of autograph shows and events.

The magazine will include an updated price guide section with over 1,000 items and a section for facsimiles. Readers are also highly encouraged to send in their own autograph success stories. According to the editor, each copy of the first issue will have enclos…

Autographed Memorabilia Registry

There is a new source for autograph collectors: Memorabilia . MemReg.Com is a registry website for autograph collectors. Autographed memorabilia can be registered and documented online. The website will create a permanent digital history of all the unique items. By applying a registration time-stamp to the item, the existence and circumstances pertaining to the origin of such item will establish authenticity of the autograph. According to Memorabilia Registry the date of an autograph and when it happened in a celebrity's career has a remarkable impact on the value of that item to collectors. MemReg.Com hopes to give memorabilia collectors an arena to showcase their items to other collectors and potential buyers. MemReg.Org began this year and is new resource for autograph collectors.