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Autographed Baseball Memorabilia

As baseball season comes into full swing, autograph collectors are given more opportunities to acquire autographs from their favorite players. Baseball memorabilia can come in multiple sizes and shapes, but collectors should be prepared to store their treasures correctly, in order to better preserve the autograph.

Baseball cards:
Baseball cards can be stored in plastic sleeves. Each card can be stored individually to better protect it. Card sleeves can either come with holes to be placed in a three ring binder or individually.
Jerseys and Other Clothing:
When collectors have signed jerseys they should be placed in display cases. Sunlight and other objects in the air can weaken fibers and fade the autographs. Display cases come in multiple sizes and colors to fit and match a collector's items.

As with all memorabilia, autographs on baseballs can also fade. Below are some examples of baseball cases to keep autographed baseballs in mint condition.

Universal Autograph Collectors Club

Autograph collectors have a resource to use while finding their treasures. The Universal Autograph Collectors Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of autograph collectors. Members are able to share their experiences in the organizations quarterly journal: The Pen and Quill. UACC also frequently becomes aware of autograph sales and announces them to their members. The website of the UACC offers a directory of dealers and appraisers and studies of signatures.

The organization was founded in 1965 by a group of collectors in Long Island. Today the UACC has grown into an international organization. Fellow collectors can utilize to better their collecting experiences.