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Autograph Lingo

In the world of autograph collecting there are some specific and unique terms that all collectors should learn. As you are buying and receiving autographs it is important to be able to understand the code and language of the hobby.

1-Per: An athlete or celebrity only signing one item per person. Some organized signings advertise only one item per person, and when collectors mention the event, they will say it’s a 1-per.

AWOL/MIA: A celebrity who avoids collectors and leaves through the back door.

Bandwagon: Other fans from the concert follow collectors and can ruin a signing opportunity because it looks like too large a crowd is waiting for the celebrity. Bandwagoners are not often prepared and get trivial items signed, such as business cards or the caps they’re wearing, and sometimes only take photos.

Beauty Pageant Wave: Describes the gesture given by the celebrity when they see that you want an autograph, but just wave instead.

Cell Phone Routine: The celebrity spots a group of colle…

PSA Opening East Coast Office

In order to better meet the increasing needs of collectors and dealers in the eastern United States, especially those in autograph collecting, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA/DNA) Authentication Services will open an office in Woodbridge, New Jersey this summer.

In person submissions will be accepted by appointment at the New Jersey office. All other items that are submitted by mail to PSA will still need to be directed to the California office unless pre-approved by the staff.

The new office is centrally located between New York City and Philadelphia. PSA has seen increased popularity and need of certified autographs on the East Coast. This new location will provide an extra avenue for patrons to use and will improve turnaround times on submissions.

Only autographs will be processed at the New Jersey office. Other items such as trading cards, tickets, photographs, sports memorabilia and game used items will be accepted at the office but examined at the California location.