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Celebrity Photograph

Here is an autographed picture from when I met the beautiful actress and singer Bobbie Eakes.  Bobbie Eakesis known for her role as Macy Alexander on The Bold and the Beautiful and for her role as Krystal Carey on All My Children.  Eakes received bit roles on nighttime television series, such as Cheers, before becoming successful in the soap opera genre. In the mid-1980s, she was the lead singer of the dance-pop group Big Trouble. The group released one self-titled CD in 1987. Their single "Crazy World" charted on the U.S. singles chart, reaching #71.  She was also featured on country music singer Collin Raye's 2000 single "Tired of Loving This Way", which peaked at #50 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts.

Do you have a picture with a singer or actress that you enjoy in your collection?  I would love for you to share it!  Leave a link in the comments!

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Autographed Photo

Posting another picture from my collection, this one an autographed photo with clothing designer Tommy Hilfiger and I.

At the age of 18 rather than furthering his education, he started to work in retail.  Hilfiger would go to New York City to buy jeans and bell-bottom pants, which he customized and resold at Brown's, a local downtown Elmira store.

He later opened his own store, named The People's Place, around the block in downtown Elmira. Over the years, a number of stores closed in downtown Elmira as shopping traffic shifted to the new Arnot Mall in Horseheads, New York. After seven years, The People's Place went bankrupt, when Hilfiger was 25.

After turning to the design of clothing by designing for the rest of his stores in upstate New York, Hilfiger moved to New York City with his wife Susie. Although he was offered design assistant positions with designers Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis, he turned down the offers despite the fact he was broke.

In 1984, he found…

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Calling all football fans!

Here is another photograph from my collection!  Former football player Dick Butkus and I!He signed the football we are holding!  A great item in my collection!
Richard Marvin "Dick" Butkus is a former football player for the Chicago Bears. He was drafted in 1965 and he is also widely regarded as one of the best and most durable linebackers of all time. Butkus started as a football player for the University of Illinois and the Chicago Bears. He became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1979. He played nine seasons in the NFL for the Chicago Bears. Billed at 6 ft 3 in, 245 lbs., he was one of the most feared and intimidating linebackers of his time.
Since his career as a player, Butkus has become a well known celebrity endorser, broadcaster, and actor.

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From my collection...

Sharing another celebrity photo from my collection.  This is Barry Bonds and I.

Barry Lamar Bonds is a former American Major League Baseball outfielder. Bonds played from 1986 to 2007, for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants.He is the son of former major league All-Star Bobby Bonds. He debuted in the Major Leagues with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1986 and joined the San Francisco Giants in 1993, where he stayed through 2007.

Bonds' accomplishments during his baseball career place him among the greatest baseball players of all-time.

Bonds has led a controversial career, notably as a central figure in baseball's steroids scandal. In 2007, he was indicted on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to the grand jury during the government's investigation of BALCO, by testifying that he never knowingly took any illegal steroids.

 Do you have any photos with baseball players that are favorites in your collection?  If so, link to them here, I wou…