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Favorite Autograph

If you are like me, you've collected autographs for years and have built up quite a collection.  I have albums upon albums full of my coveted autographed pictures, and closets full of autographed books and memorabilia.  I love it.  I was recently asked what my most prized autograph is and I had to think about that for a while.  That is a hard question because each one has a story and is special in its own way.  I love my autographed picture with President Reagan but I also love my signed boxing gloves my Mohammed Ali!  
Tell me what your most coveted autograph is!

Giveaway Time!

Giveaway time!  I'm giving away a copy of Autograph Hell.  In order to enter, please fill out the form below, and stay tuned for many more giveaways in the near future!

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Farewell Larry "Chipper" Jones

Over the weekend I attended the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Atlanta Braves baseball game with my wife Rose.  This game was a historical baseball event as it was Chipper Jones' last game as an Atlanta Brave in Chase Field. I was lucky enough to get to meet him and I hope the rest of his last season is as great as the game was at Chase Field! Good luck Chipper!
 Chipper and I  Chipper signing autographs  Cool sign from a fan  Ticket stub!  Chipper having fun  Waving to fans  Chipper up to bat

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RIP Dick Clark

In 1990, I happened to meet Mr. Dick Clark in Hollywood.  Clark was well-known for his energetic on-air persona, and built a wealthy broadcasting career for himself over the span of a half a century in show biz.  What a great life. What a great career.  There is no doubt his presence will be missed.  
Sending thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Dick Clark.  I'm happy to have my own personal memory of him.

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"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!"

I met the great Fabio today at Whole Foods here in Paradise Valley, AZ.  He's promoting his protein powder----very cool guy and the ladies were googooing over him :)

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Don't Use The "A" Word ("Authenticators")

Autograph authentication is in such bad odor that people who do it don't like the term.  Journalist Rocky Landsverk reported in an article in the April 29, 2005, issue of Sports Collectors Digest; "One thing I've learned about the ongoing 'Authenticating Authenticators' series is that it has a bad name," Landsverk wrote.  "virtually every 'authenticator' I've interviewed said they shouldn't be called authenticators."

What do these purported experts want to be called?  According to Landsverk they prefer "verifiers" or "examiners."  Here's what's up: the people who pass judgement on the genuineness of autographs want a job title that doesn't go too far.  In their minds, the most comfortable title carries the message: "Hey, I looked at this autograph sure, but don't hold me to my findings on whether it's the real McCoy or not."

This spin effort, not only with job titles but with the resu…

The Key to Collecting Your Favorite Ball Player's Autograph!

Keep it simple, collect in small groups Every April the major league baseball season starts anew.  Fans are excited, it's the first sign of the warm weather season, and it's time to hope that your team will be playing in October.  Another fascinating aspect to the beginning of the season is to watch how all the new managers and players will perform in their respective cities.  About 20% of rosters have changed, and everyone both inside and outside an organization are anxious to see what will happen on the field. 

With such a high turnover, it's hard to collect team autographs, either on one item or individual items. While it's not impossible to collect all signatures on a team, it is a challenge.  So to counter this overwhelming task I suggest you collect in small groups or by position.  Some teams will sign autographs before the game, don't be afraid to get down there by their dug out and get those autographs! 

Above all else, have fun!  Getting a bal…