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FBI Crashes Sports Collectors Convention in Search of Fraudulent Autographs

The National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago was crashed by the FBI for the third consecutive year and plans to investigate the possibility of fraud, counterfeiting and shill bidding.

Sports memorabilia such as signed sports cards to game balls to photographs of players are showcased every year at this event. Unfortunately, the FBI has also found reasons to be in attendance along side the sports fanatics.

The investigation is the third major federal memorabilia probe in the last 15 years. The prior investigations, Operation Foul Ball and Operation Bullpen, targeted forgers who made millions from bogus celebrity autographs. This investigation will focus on the most prestigious firms in the business. Companies being investigated include: Mastro Auctions, Grey Flannel, Heritage Auction, Professional Sports Authenticators, Hunt Auctions and Lelands.

According to dealers and collectors, the FBI agents are focusing on shill bidding, fraudulent memorabilia and card doctoring.

The Chi…