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Bud Grant autograph hot item at his garage sale

Associated Press | BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — The hottest item at Bud Grant's garage sale on Thursday was the Hall of Fame coach's autograph.
Shoppers lined up to have the former Minnesota Vikings coach sign the team souvenirs and outdoor gear they bought. Even a gun.
The 87-year-old signed a poster for 7-year-old Preston Oberloh, of Rapid City, South Dakota, whose family happened to be in town. His father, Aaron Oberloh, said he thought it would be cool to get next to the coach and get a picture, even though at 33 he wasn't even born when Grant led the Vikings to four Super Bowl appearances.
If people didn't buy anything, Grant's signature came at a price.
"Now if you buy my stuff, these autographs are free. But if you just come here to get an autograph, and don't buy anything, then I charge you 25 dollars," Grant said as $20 and $5 bills piled up on the table in front of him.
Grant, an …