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How to Ask a Celebrity for an Autograph or Photo

Great article about what to do if you see a celebrity out and about and want to ask them for an autograph!
Understand that celebrities are used to people asking them for autographs. They take it in stride, so don't be too nervous.Remember that celebrities are just people. They have real lives and responsibilities; make sure your timing is appropriate for what you want. Fans are appreciated but keep in mind that no one wants to be ambushed exiting the lavatory stall or with a mouthful of dinner at a business meeting.Approach the celebrity. Don't get so close that it annoys them. Say "Hi," tell them your name, and give a light compliment. Do not gush - they don't enjoy it. Ask a question or two. Comment on their latest movie, video, book, or whatever they're famous for.Ask for an autograph by saying "I'd love to have your autograph," or "May I take a picture with you?" Don't be shy. Be confident and smiley.Take it easy. Hold…