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Sports Autograph Sales Affected by Teams' Wins

When the seasons of local teams fall into the loosing category, the desire for autographed memorabilia declines. Arizonan and manager of Sports Collectibles, Jeff Thalblum, has experienced a decline in need for autographed memorabilia from Arizona sports teams.

According to Thalblum sales at Sports Collectibles are down by 70 percent from last year. He blames the decrease in sales on the poor performance of Arizona's sports teams. When teams are not winning games fans lose interest and no longer purchase autographed memorabilia.

To combat the loss of interest in home teams Thalblum has brought in autographs from more popular teams. Autographed memorabilia from teams such as the Yankees and the Red Sox, according to Thalblum, are consistent sellers.

Maintain Autograph Mint Condition

Autograph collecting can be a lucrative and enjoyable hobby. The degree of profitability depends upon the condition of the pieces. If memorabilia begins to fade or is damaged, the value is lowered. Therefore caring and storing your autograph collection correctly is incredibly important. If you do not plan to promote or sell your collection you should still be concerned with the condition of you collection, elongating the life of your collection will allow you to enjoy it longer. Below are a few suggestions on how to help your autograph collection survive longer.

Store your collection in large picture binders. This will secure your treasures and protect them from potential harms. Using this system will also help to keep the autographs organized. The plastic picture pockets allow for easy access and also function as protect cover. After a binder has been filled do not stack the binders, the pressure could damage the autographs. Keep the binders in a cool and dry area away from …