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A Treasured Autograph Book From Days Gone By

Inside the book cover written in pencil in my best 12-year-old penmanship: Linda Lampsa, Rte. 1, Box 91, Gilbert, Minnesota.Our family had gone on a car trip, in our ’50s green Chevrolet, all the way to Deer River to visit an old friend. And my parents had bought me my very own autograph book at a shop in nearby Grand Rapids.
That was 55 years back in time, but the memory is clear still, coming back to me upon finding the treasure among my souvenirs.
How well I remember asking friends and relatives if they would sign my book. It went with me every day on the school bus, and when people came over to visit, they would get asked too. Back then I was painfully shy, and I got even quieter when asking people for their autographs — especially if it was a boy I had a crush on, of which there were many.
In those days the messages were so harmless: “When you get married and have twins, don’t come to borrow my safety pins. My pants will fall off.” This one was signed by a classmate, P…

Johnny Manziel Autographed Used Truck: SOLD For $42K

Johnny Manziel Autographed Used Truck: SOLD - For $42K! By Stephanie Kowalsky ( (Photo : Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)  Last week we told you about the used Nissan Titan SL pickup truck, which used to belong to Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel and now bears his autograph, that Airport Nissan in Cleveland was selling for $43,720.

Today we're back with an update: The truck is sold!

The lucky new owner reportedly paid $42,500 for the vehicle, which, sans-autograph, would be worth somewhere between $32K and $36K, according to Edmonds, as reported byTMZ.

In case you missed the initial report: Manziel arrived at Airport Nissan last month to trade in his Titan for a black 2015 Nissan GTR with a black interior - his dream car. But before signing off on the deal for his new ride, which is reportedly worth upwards of $100,000 (!!!), the dealership's owner, Bernie Moreno, asked Johnny Football to autograph the dashboard.

Manziel obl…