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LeBron James Autograph Available for 50K

Report: LeBron James Autographed High School Jersey on Sale for $50K By , Featured Columnist

For the low, introductory price of $50,000, you can own what's alleged to be an authentic LeBron James St. Vincent-St. Mary High School jersey.
Freelance hoops writer Scott Rafferty stumbled on the jersey's eBay auction, which claims James wore the jersey during his senior year of high school.

But is it legit?

The auctioneer provides a laundry list of certifications from Vintage Authentics and Upper Deck claiming an authenticated witness saw James sign the jersey.

The seller, City Liquidators Autograph Store, is based in Garden City, New York, and has positive feedback on thousands of sales, so the jersey might just be the genuine article.

Regardless, $50,000 for an autographed James jersey (even one with a UV-protected case!) is a heavy ask. The item has been on sale since 2013, and the seller has declined 12 offers for what it describes as a "un…

Is the selfie overtaking the autograph as must-have memorabilia?

My greatest brush with greatness came on April 12, 1987, while attending my first Chicago Bulls game. There was a special promotion where you could have your picture taken with your favorite player before the game. Of course, this is well before the team's championship years, when there was only one player with whom anyone wanted to have his picture taken -- Michael Jordan.

The Cliff's Notes version of the story has me waiting in line for two hours and thankfully getting shuffled into Jordan's line. The Polaroid photograph of a gangly 16-year-old me and His Airness sitting on a table on the baseline at the old Chicago Stadium is one of my most prized possessions. It would be one of the first things I would grab if my house caught fire.

In the wake of meeting my idol, all anyone asked was whether I got his autograph. Why in the world would I need Jordan's autograph? I had photographic evidence that I met him.

For some, collecting autographs of favorite…

The Strange Saga of Clancy Smyres and Why His Autograph is More Valuable Than Babe Ruth by Jim Stinson

Clancy Smyres played in five major league games for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1944 , had two major league at bats and a lifetime batting average of .000.  He died November 27, 2007 in Lancaster California at age 86. To fans of the old Brooklyn Dodgers teams he represents the true definition of the “Cup of Coffee” big leaguer whose moment in the sun was a barely imperceptible blip on the map. To autograph collectors and enthusiasts, the acquisition of his autograph represents the holy grail of impossibilities and a potential monetary value that would exceed that of Hall of Fame icons and legends like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig.

But why?

As a long- time member of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research) and an autograph collector and dealer for over half my life, the question had always intrigued me. The explanation of why so many former players autographs are tough to find is simple; they died young or vanished after their playing careers. Not so with Clancy who lived to …

Cam Newton Makes Fan's Day!

Cam Newton autographs cleats  for wheelchair-bound fan after practice
Chuck Burton/Associated Press Cam Newton autographs cleats for fan
SPARTANBURG, S.C. — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made one fan's day Monday after training camp practice in Spartanburg.

As Newton was walking off the field, he spotted a young man in a wheelchair. He then walked over to the man and proceeded to take off his cleats, autograph them and hand them to the fan.

According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, after taking a picture with the wheelchair-bound fan, Newton walked off, leaving the man smiling from ear to ear.
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