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How to Preserve your Autographed Photo Collectables

I came across this article and thought it was a good one to share!  We all know that preserving your photos is very important!  What is the point of collecting autographs if the photos become faded and start to deteriorate in a few years because you don't handle them properly?  Take a look at these autograph preservation tips!

1. Acid free is the way to go - Whether you choose plastic bags, cardboard folders or frames to display your autographs, you need to make sure that the material you use is acid free. Standard bags, folders and frames are made with materials that release acids over time. These acids can make your photographs and other memorabilia fade and disintegrate. Make sure that the products that you buy to store your autographs is clearly labeled acid-free. If the package doesn't specify that, don't trust it with your photos.

2. Keep humidity low - Humidity causes moisture which can be devastating to paper products like photographs. To keep your autographs free of humidity, store them in cool, dry places. Don't store them in a fireproof safe or standard plastic bag.

3. Frame and hang your photographs carefully - Framed autographs need special attention. Use an acid free mat in the frame. The mat should be the only part of the frame that touches the photograph. Make sure that the photograph doesn't touch the glass. If you place the photograph against the surface of the glass, the photograph will eventually adhere to the glass. When you hang the frame, make sure it's out of direct sunlight. UV light can be very damaging to ink and photos, so you're really better off not displaying them out in the open. You should avoid florescent lighting in the room where you are displaying your photographs.
4. Repair with the right materials - Never use masking tape or scotch tape to repair tears in your photographs or documents. The adhesive in these types of tape will eventually destroy your paper. You can have your autographed memorabilia repaired by a professional. You can also attempt the repair yourself by using some archival paper mending tissue obtained online or in a hobby store.

The best way to preserve your autographs for the long term is to store them in Mylar polyester or cellulose acetate folders. You can store these folders in an acid free box. Avoid the polyvinyl chloride folders that many autograph sellers use to store their wares. You can identify these types of folders by their strong plastic smell.

No matter how what type of autographs you are collecting you should take steps to preserve them for the long term. Spending time and money on your autographs only to have them ravaged by time and acid containing storage material would be very disappointing. For your best bet, keep your autographs off your walls and in a cool, dry place.

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